Member Roster

The dates for renewal of memberships follows.


December 2022

Kirk Caddell


January 2023

Betty Franks

Charlise Latour

Lynn Wesson


April 2023

Joey Blackmon

Adam Brice, Angela Brice

Andrew Davis

Chuck Garrett

Margie Kingsley

Martha Mann

Caleb McAdams

Benjamin Pryor

Tammy Wilson

 Sara Wood


May 2023

Rita Cunningham

Clara Green

Ana Velitchkova

Bella Wood,

Gage Wood, Izzy Wood

Noah Wood


June 2023

Dan Davis, Jan Davis

Rubye Del Harden


July 2023

Margaret Ann Chandler

Tommy Wood


August 2023

Clint Bainbridge

Stan Hall

Destry Heylin

Daniel Mann

Caren Vitell, Scott Vitell


September 2023

Marianne Barnes

Donna Chappell

Aryana Hajek

Christine Hamilton

Buddy Peddicord, Kathleen Peddicord

Cameron Stevens

Daniel Wood, Torah Wood





Current Members


 To join the

Tupelo Ballroom Dance Club


Betty Franks, Treasurer

[email protected]




Clint Bainbridge,

Marianne Barnes,

Joey Blackmon,

Adam Brice, Angela Brice,


Kirk Caddell,

Margaret Ann Chandler,

Donna Chappell,

Rita Cunningham,


Andrew Davis,

Dan Davis, Jan Davis,


Betty Franks,


Chuck Garrett,

Clara Green,


Aryana Hajek,

Stan Hall,

Christine Hamilton,

Destry Heylin,

Rubye Del Harden,


Margie Kingsley,


Charlise Latour,


  Daniel Mann, Martha Mann,

Caleb McAdams


Buddy Peddicord, Kathleen Peddicord,

Benjamin Pryor,


Cameron Stevens,


Ana Velitchkova,

Caren Vitell, Scott Vitell,


Lynn Wesson,

Tammy Wilson,

Bella Wood, Daniel Wood,

Izzy Wood, Gage Wood,

Noah Wood, Sara Wood,

Tommy Wood, Torah Wood


Current Members - 42


TBDC Youth Sponsorship


Ballroom dance provides lifelong social, intellectual, and physical benefits. TBDC wants to encourage youth who are interested in learning and growing as ballroom dancers. To this end the board has begun a youth member sponsorship fund to enable more young people to join our club and take advantage of member discounts.

If you would like to contribute to this youth sponsorship fund, send Betty a check payable to TBDC and add YOUTH to the memo line.

Her address is:  Betty Franks, PO Box 1447, Saltillo, MS, 38866

Each club membership is $25, and any amount is appreciated.